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If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know. We are always ready to reply. Just use the comments box below. Thank you…

Happy Gaming To All!!!

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19 thoughts on “Contact Free Download”

  1. Good Morning.

    I ask you to bring the game Spectromancer Gathering of Power, it’s a very simple card game, but you can’t edit the deck in the free version, so you can’t see all the cards or know if the deck creation tool is good.

    Thank you!

  2. Hello PLAZA Games,

    I was wondering if you have release the “Making History” DLC for the game “Kerbal Space Program” for Mac OSX?

    I saw you posted the PC Versions but haven’t been able to find a Mac version anywhere. Would it be possible for you guys to add the OSX version as a torrent please?


  3. hello plaza

    i downloaded borderlands 2 remastered and it works perfect. just the problem is i cant invite friends..can anybody help me? cuz i mean this game is really fun with friends.


    regards itachi

      1. Hello, thanks for the reply Plaza but I don’t see the Moon Harvest DLC Sam is mentioning in the Overcooked2! topic. Can you add a release with Moon Harvest included ? That’ll be great ! 🙂

      2. It’s not the latest though – as Sam said there’s the new Moon Harvest (free) DLC. Any possibilty of uploading that one! Thanks a million!

    1. Hey! I was wondering if its possible for me to overwrite my “Children of Morta Paws and Claws dlc” save with the one I have from steam. I played a lot using the borrow system, but now I’d like to play your version.
      I already found the STEAM slot_1.sav but I can’t find where Your version saves.

      Thanks a lot of the help

    2. Hey Plaza
      I downloaded recently Elden Ring, i did everything and it successfully downloaded and installed.
      The problem is that, that when I launch it from the shortcut, it opens Steam and tries to launch the game, but it sends me to the official Elden Ring page where i should buy it. Did I do something wrong or I dont understand why is it not working finally?

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